Wang Jian

No one ever predicted that such a small bus builder who finishing its reform only in 2007---BONLUCK could take the preemptive opportunities and stand firmly in the developed countries’ high-end market

On the international stage, the little rabbit BONLUCK have the opportunity to stand in the same starting line with YUTONG、KING-LONG and HIGER which were called lion, then enter directly to the international bus and coach industrial chain(Vehicle design、manufacturing assembly、Customer Marketing、after service )system and find its own position in the industrial chain, which is completely different from many domestic bus and coach manufacturers who are just waiting to obtain the orders and export vehicles aboard.

BONLUCK is not only established the Strategic business partner relationship with foreign partners, the more important is to design and manufacture the high quality bus and coach according to the customer’s requirements; what is more, the partners provide technical support and services in the local place.


Bus and coach is different from other commodities that can directly transact by merchant. During the 10 years using time, customers need manufacturers to provide the technical support. However, transportation regulations differ in different countries. For the Europeans, Australian bus and coach’s traction hook before the bumper doesn’t meet the safety standard. But according to Australian regulations, European coach with no small LED lights for the emergency exit cannot meet the safety standard either. By keeping the close contact with the Austrian, American, European customers, BONLUCK know these subtle differences well.

With its price advantage, quick production react, Chinese bus and coach plays a more and more important role in the global competition.

On the basis of improving bus and coach technology, BONLUCK aim at the developed countries’ high-end market to meet those small batches but with various requirements. Its average export unit price rank second in the Chinese bus and coach industry, and economic benefits are much higher than the others.

Having accumulated international marketing experiences, BONLUCK break into USA market with the same strategies quickly, and then obtain the official approve from the authorities and the luxury bus and coach rental company. As to the European market, the prototype is under homologation,  which means that the BONLUCK bus will be closer and closer to the most developed countries.

Even though under the background of financial crisis, the production line in BONLUCK is still busy with the orders. The foreign experts are working there for the quality control without payment from BONLUCK is not the DOCOTOR Bethune from Canada, but the partners from Australia. They communicate well with the engineer and the worker in the workshop.

Talking about the great success BONLUCK achieved among the international market, Mr. Su Liqian stated directly that these were all benefit from resource consolidation, including making full use of foreigner partner relationship, after-service system, vehicle technology and brand resources together with the professional team work and experiences. “U” shaped beam structure monocoque body technology is used for BONLUCK vehicles, which has been obtained China new practical patents. It not only lessens body weight but also enhances strengthness & rigidness, lowers center of gravity, with better high-speed stability. At the same time, this technological innovation has also given inspiration to Chinese bus and coach manufacturers to update Monocoque technology.

“Learning and creating” are the two valuable concepts extracted from BONLUCK. To create compositeness by learning is the key for China bus and coach builders to be succeeded in the international market in coming days.

Mr. Wang Jian, who was born in ChongQing city in 1960, got his bachelor's degree from Transportation management Dept. of CHANGAN UNIVERSITY. He is the Chief Editor of “china bus and coach”, CHONGQING transportation university part-time professor, UITP member, Bus Rapid Transit Commission of China Civil Engineering Society expert, China City Transportation Society Council and Academic Council.

The China Buses & Coaches Yearbook chiefly edited by him has including “china bus and coach”, “bus rapid transportation guide”, bus annual statement”, “AutoModel Index”, “China bus and coach history”, “china bus and coach internationalization and marketing”.

In recently years, he has been persisting in advocating the corporation between transportation operators and bus coach builders, searching the technology update and market change regularity together. During the process of pushing China BRT system development, he participated to governmental research, and proposed his own opinion. He is well known among the china bus industry, but also having a certain reputation in European. His figure is always on the BUS WORLD show, with typical moustache and Chinese dress; he also gets a title as “Mr. China bus” among his foreign friends.


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