Orca FH unveils

Orca FH unveils


Orca FH Unveils


Orca Floor and Half (en Espanol piso y medio) is unveiled upon the maximized comfortability and greatly enlarged luggage compartments that the specified market demands, in which ground transportation commonly assists everywhere while the low-end vehicles being tediously driven somewhere. There is always masterminds that boost newly launched models to cope with increasingly needs on the escalated coziness during the trip when they are ridden farther, then see what Orca FH offers which you may not see elsewhere:


* Orca FH features 22% greater luggage compartment (1,110mm+240mm=1,350mm) and 6 more passengers (56+6) than the conventional model stays with same overall length;

* Widened body up to 2.60m with super wider seats installed with extra given legroom and supports;

* Super larger fuel tanks up to 1,500L;

* 10.8L, 420HP+ 12 AMT+i=3.36 enable driving in all kinds of conditions, coastal highway, mountainous winding road, rugged terrain, muddy country road, urban avenue… 

* Recessed back monitor of each seat+WIFI+USB;

* Driver lounge where is hidden with no extra room occupied;

* Exclusively provided onboard catering service with divided workspace;

* Stainless steel handrails and PU wearing resisted window pillars and sills offer unlimited lifespan;


…and many more for you to notice…


Welcome boarding! 


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